Monday, August 24, 2009

An idea!

Here's an idea! People seem to be into two things now, organic food and tea. Tea, I've decided, is where it's at. So when you combine my natural genius with full days of idleness, you're going to get something. A symphony, a great American novel, or...


Yes, Manatea! The slogan? "Like manatea from heaven, so go the days of our lives."

Here's the pitch: Combine colossal thirst with the zany hijinks of everyone's favorite sea cow and what do you get? Manatea! Yes, Manatea. Manatea is picked from only the finest tea leaves in all of Ceylon and Babylonia, bagged in the Manatea patented oversized burlap tea sacks (in the shapes of real Manatees). With each bag containing anywhere from 50 to 300 pounds of fresh tea, this is THE tea for all of your home brewing needs.

Commercial idea: In rapid series of clips, show happy family with empty cups, pitchers, boxes of tea. Frustration, and who can blame them? Then, blond-haired father - I'm thinking a young Mark Hammill - holds up his index finger in the universal gesture of 'I've got it!', hops into his pickup truck, and quickly returns with a huge, unhealthy looking lump in the truck's bed. Family rushes out to greet him, and together they hoist the lifeless sack of tea onto their shoulders a la a pack of cannibals with a prized captured Western scientist. They head back to the pool where they throw the Manatea into the water. They look at each other and smile. The youngest ruefully rubs his aching arms. Fade out/fade in. Family lolling by dark brown pool casually dipping mugs into the water and hoisting up cups and pitchers of fresh tea! Smiles all around. Pan into the pool and then, a real manatee comes roaring up to the surface from the murky depths, leaps into the air like Free Willy, and splashes back into the water thoroughly dousing the family. Laughter and smiles. Hold on smiling Mother shaking head knowingly. A disembodied voice then says: "When a cup of tea is just not enough, you need Manatea! Manatea, like manatea from heaven, so go the days of our lives."


Now I just need to raise some capital. Stay tuned!


At 4:48 PM, Blogger pushkinp said...

i'm £4.67 under budget this month, and i'm gonna sink every penny in ***Manatea***


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