Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Live Blogging


I'm thinking of doing some "live blogging." I can watch some major cultural events, such as a presidential inaugurations, superbowls, episodes of Project Runway, and I could comment. Wittily! If this doesn't tantalize, you, dear reader, are beyond tantalizing, you cold hearted miser! Stay tuned as I wait for just the right event in which to "live blog."

Also, in a fit of rage at the slowness of my computer, I'm ashamed to say that I assaulted my keyboard with such vengeance that I've permanently dislodged my 'F' key. All that remains is a veritable pothole on my keyboard, white plastic and exposed circuit board, which I have to touch with an almost pinpoint precision in order to get the letter to take. It's annoying, reader! I wish I weren't so rash! Why did I get so frustrated, and rapidly strike my keyboard with my fingers, like a deranged and manic pianist? My head thrown back, howling in incomprehnsion at the slowness of the internet.

I don't know, dear reader, but sometimes, and only sometimes, I think technology is a mixed blessing, offering great opportunity, but simultaneously damning us forever.


Anyway, stay tuned!

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