Saturday, January 31, 2009

Analogies of Lost Love (a poem)

A new poem, which will be set to music, lieder-style.

"Analogies of Lost Love"

My lover left me like a wildebeest
running wildly from the mouth of a croc -
hastily, in a primal frenzy of survival, bellowing
and without so much as a note or goodbye kiss.
Just like a wildebeest - nature's most impolite animal.

My lover left me like a plume of smoke
emitted from a transcontinental jetliner.
She exited shroud in a wispy white number
from one of the twin oversized turbine engines in our backyard.
Why, oh why, did I keep those turbines?

My lover left me like some sort of rock,
one that rolls from atop, say, a mountainous peak.
One that in its quick descent calls other rocks - 'Hey you!' and 'Join me!'
And so they do these loyal rocks, lemming-like stones of friendship
until they crashed into our house, absconding with about a third of my belongings.

My lover left me like an aged Russian governess
amidst a flurried, consonent heavy verbal barrage.
Boozy breath encircling my head, dizzying me,
while untrimmed, unseemly facial hairs, reached out, pinched my foolish cheeks -
'There there, Babuschka, it's for the best.'

My lover left me like a mop
leaning against a wall in my bathroom,
forgotten, in a stale pail.
And one day, when I spilled something dank and unpleasant
I looked around and she was gone, that mop.

Oh, the varieties of heartbreak -
Like bullnecks, bullfrogs, bullfinches.
(The thick froggy croak of the brokenheart!)
Like spare tires, spare ribs, spare rooms.
(The dusty emptiness! The fingerlicking memory!)
Like wombats, vampire bats, wigwams.
(Yes! JUST like a wigwam, or, perhaps, an adobe hut!)
Heartbreak is like everything, and everything like it.